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Experience You Can Trust.

Over 50 years of combined experience providing police psychology, public safety psychology, and forensic psychology services.

First responders are required to work in high-stakes environments, display strong command presence, and exercise sound judgement in life-and-death situations. In the course of their service, public safety employees face many unique stressors and job demands. CPC’s public safety support services include supporting agencies and employees in carrying out their missions effectively, safely, and ethically by providing specialized services including assessment, consulting, therapeutic programs, and customized training to meet departmental needs. Dedicated to supporting public safety agencies, our clinical staff have worked with thousands of first responders.

Who We Serve

At CPC, we’re experienced working with public safety agencies of all types and sizes. So whether your department employs fewer than 20 or more than 20,000, we’re ready to lend a hand. Specific types of public safety teams and agencies we’ve provided services for include:

  • Fire Departments
  • Police Departments
  • Sheriff Departments
  • Probation Departments
  • Special Teams (Including Hostage Negotiation and SWAT)
  • State Law Enforcement/Public Safety Agencies
  • Federal Law Enforcement
  • Other Public Safety Agencies (including Dispatchers, District Attorney Offices, Coroner Departments, etc.)

Customized services tailored to meet your agency’s specific needs

Dedicated to Meeting Your Agency’s Needs

The experience, expertise, and diverse skill sets of our team allow us to provide a range of integrated services including pre-employment psychological screenings, specialized first responder wellness programs, critical incident services, dynamic training programs, and other services customized to meet your agency-specific needs.

Long-Term & Consistent Quality

Many public safety agencies appreciate the benefits of an integrated approach to psychological and related services, including a long-term trusted relationship with our group; our appreciation for the unique qualities and needs of your team; and the convenience of knowing we will consistently be there for you to provide our gold standard quality of service.

Ensuring Your Candidates Have The Psychological Fortitude For Public Safety Work

Professional Expertise

Our expert staff of doctoral psychologists have worked with thousands of public safety personnel across the city, county, state, and federal levels.

Prioritizing Agency Needs

As a result of our close ties with the public safety community, we understand the unique requirements of small, medium and large agencies, including the importance of factors such as scheduling timeframes, department-specific needs, and the reporting of job-relevant findings.

Request Access to Online Scheduling

If you’d like to schedule a pre-employment psychological evaluations, please fill out our Request Online Scheduling – Cordico form below.